Windows installation

Our team removes the rotted windows entirely and installs stunning new efficient models custom-fit for your home.

Do Your Crappy Windows Wreck Your Home and Wallet?

Take a look around your home. Do you have windows that are old, leaky, foggy, or just plain falling apart?

Janky windows drag down your home’s comfort, beauty and value. And they cost you big bucks in wasted energy bills every month. It’s like throwing money out busted panes!

But you don’t have to suffer broken windows anymore. The home window wizards at AIS Environmental Inc. create stunning new windows that transform your space and savings.

Worker hand removing old window replacing the old wooden window,

Diagnose Your Window Pains

Got drafty, dated windows making your home miserable? Here are some signs it’s time for an upgrade:

  • High energy bills from heat/cooling loss
  • Ugly foggy window panes
  • Rotten window sills and frames
  • Hard to open or close
  • Broken/missing screens
  • Lack of insulation and noise reduction

Windows cause a lot of subtle problems you tolerate daily. But you don’t have to!

Get a Fresh Start with Window Replacement

Once diagnosis confirms your windows are trash, replacement is the fix.

Our team removes the rotted windows entirely and installs stunning new efficient models custom-fit for your home.

Construction worker installing window in house

Spec consultation to select perfect windows

selective focus of handyman measuring window near female client

Precise measurement and customization
Workman mounting windows

Total removal and disposal of old windows
Worker installing trim around a window molding installed moldings materials

Internal and external trim work

Carpenter using air nail gun to moldings for window, close up on nail gun

Protection of surrounding surfaces
Young man cleaning window in office

Clean up and haul away of debris

Pick Your Ideal Replacement Windows

The possibilities are wide open when choosing new windows. Options like:

  • Frames – Vinyl, wood, aluminum, fiberglass
  • Glass – Double/triple panes, tinted, Low-E
  • Style – Double hung, sliding, awning, casement
  • Add-ons – Grilles, screens, security features

With the spectrum of options, you can tailor windows to match your home’s aesthetic and maximize energy efficiency.

Our experts guide you in selecting the optimal models for your needs and budget.

window frame
Decorated glass windows
PVC windows on facade of skyscraper. Plastic double glazed windows. Building exterior.
Windows of different types isolated on white.

Enjoy Massive Benefits from New Energy Efficient Windows

Crappy old windows suck money and comfort out of your home. New windows deliver powerful benefits:

💵 Lower energy bills – better insulation reduces heating/cooling costs
🌡 Greater temperature control – stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter
✨ Better aesthetics – new construction improves curb appeal
🔇 Noise reduction – seals out loud street sounds
☀️ UV ray blocking – reduces sun damage to interior
💪 Durability – no more rot, rust and breakdown

Don’t just make fixes – make meaningful upgrades that transform your home with our window installation services.

Add Stunning Style with Custom Windows

Beyond basics, we create fully custom windows to realize your unique vision:

  • Color tinting – match your décor
  • Decorative glass – etched, stained, leaded
  • Unique shapes – curves, angles, arches
  • Window films – stained glass, sandblasting

With custom options, our artisan windows redefine home style and become signature centerpieces.

Why Choose AIS Environmental Inc. for Your Window Project?

Don’t leave major home projects to chance. Our expertise makes window replacement smooth:

Get in touch today for a free assessment and quote to fix your window pains!

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