Mold Remediation

We thoroughly inspect everywhere, even secret attic and crawl spaces. Our detailed inspection reports become your mold removal roadmap.

Is Your Home Being Attacked by Hidden Toxic Mold?

Look around your house. Does everything seem fine on the surface? Don’t be so sure. Lurking mold infestations could be seriously threatening your family’s health behind the scenes. 😷

Mold loves growing in damp spots you can’t see – behind walls, under carpets, in attics. Most molds are harmless but toxic varieties release spores that cause respiratory issues, brain fog, rashes, and more.

Ignoring a hidden mold problem allows it to spread and release more health-harming spores. Don’t become a victim in your own home! Take back control with the mold pros at

Black mold in the corner of room wall. Preparation for mold removal.

Detect Hidden Mold Before it Gets Dangerous

Mold thrives in damp areas of your home you can’t see, like behind drywall or under carpets. By the time you spot surface mold, a big infestation could be brewing.

That’s why professional mold inspection using advanced tools is so important:

  • Moisture meters find hidden dampness mold loves.
  • Air tests measure spore levels.
  • Lab analysis identifies specific types of mold.
  • Thermal imaging reveals unseen mold.

We thoroughly inspect everywhere, even secret attic and crawl spaces. Our detailed inspection reports become your mold removal roadmap.

Don’t let sneaky mold run rampant – locate it early before major health hazards develop.

Kill Mold Properly - Or Make Problems Worse

DIY mold cleanup seems easy, but doing it wrong just makes things worse. Using bleach or scraping mold spreads spores across your home.Our certified mold remediation team uses a full 6-step process to eliminate mold safely

Contain - Seal off moldy areas using plastic sheeting

Protect - Wear respirators, gloves, goggles

Fix moisture problems

Scrub - Use antimicrobial cleaners, not bleach

Disinfect - Kill mold and spores with fogging

Deodorize - Eliminate musty smell

We keep the job tightly contained. HEPA air scrubbers continuously filter air. In the end, your home is mold-free and healthier than ever!

Control Moisture to Stop Mold Forever

Mold needs moisture to grow. So we identify and fix all water intrusion issues:

  • Repair leaky roofs, pipes and windows.
  • Improve ventilation to reduce humidity.
  • Upgrade insulation to prevent condensation.
  • Install sump pumps, dehumidifiers, fans and more.

By controlling moisture, we ensure mold won’t reappear. A drier, healthier home all around!

Use Ozone Treatment for a Deep Mold Clean

For severe mold infestations, we deploy advanced ozone technology. Ozone gas permeates deep into porous materials to kill mold and spores standard cleaning misses.

We contain and ventilate the area safely during the process. Ozone zaps mold down to the roots for total elimination.

This powerful tool decontaminates moldy spaces fully so they’re safe for your family again.

You'll Breathe Easier with Mold-Free Air Quality Testing

To validate success, we conduct follow-up indoor air quality (IAQ) tests after remediating mold.

You receive lab reports verifying:

  • Mold spore levels are now within strict safety limits
  • No lingering toxic mold remnants remain

Seeing pristine air tests provides peace of mind that the problem is 100% fixed. You’re not left guessing about your family’s health.

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When dealing with hazardous mold infestations, expertise matters. Choose AIS Environmental Inc. for:

  • 10+ years fixing mold issues
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  • Advanced IAQ air testing
  • Ozone treatments to kill hidden mold
  • Moisture control expertise
  • Mold removal guaranteed

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